Projects started within the last 3 years

Financed through Horizon and other international initiatives, national institutions, the university and the business environment
Latest update: July 2023

Synthesis of recently initiated research projects: 2021; 2022.

1Boosting the Blue Economy in the Black Sea Region by Initiating a Business Collaboration Framework in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Coastal and Maritime Tourism and Maritime Transport-4BIZ – Boosting Black Sea Blue Biz4BIZ20222024
2Development of a Digital Replica Reference Architecture based on Models for Active Energy Consumers and Smart CommunitiesSMART TWINS20222024
3An alternative approach for modeling speculative bubbles: implications for financial stability20222024
4Social and Spatial Inequalities in Europe in the Era of Global Mega-trendsESSPIN20222025
5Increasing institutional performance through the development of infrastructure and a transdisciplinary excellence research ecosystem in the socio-economic fieldPERFECTIS20212024
6Multi-hazard and systemic framework for enhancing Risk-informed management and Decision Making in the EUMYRIAD20212024
7University - business knowledge transfer. Managerial capacity building and soft skills development20212024
8Robust empirical likelihood and related methods for semiparametric modelsROBDIV20212024
9Partnerships for competitiveness in order to transfer knowledge through the development of innovative computational models for the economic growth and sustainability of the business sector in Romania20182024
10Strategies for balancing Romania's trade balance by stimulating and supporting national production. Case Study.20222023
11Empowerment through the liquid integration of young migrants in vulnerable conditions20212023
12Transmission of Shocks in Network Economies: Mechanisms and Implications for Economic PoliciesNETS20212023
13The use of specific entropy concepts for the development of a development model applicable to Romanian entrepreneurship20212023
14EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditionsMIMY20202023
15Analysis of the legislative framework of the single European digital market20222022
16Analysis of the impact of current uncertainties on the economic environment20222022
17Analysis of urban planning at the level of the Municipality of Bucharest from the perspective of sustainable development objectivesAPUDD20222022
18Development of institutional capacity for the implementation of sustainable development objectives in higher education20222022
19Development of the digital infrastructure of BUES for the implementation of an integrated project management system20222022
20The ecosystem of start-ups in Romania - present and perspectives20222022
21The socio-economic effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on the Romanian economy20222022
22Development of the Romanian Business Environment Index20222022
23Increasing the institutional capacity for the training of students' practical skills in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection by creating an educational hub20222022
24Increasing the international performance of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies through the implementation of a proactive and sustainable internationalization process, with impact at the societal level20222022
25Developing the institutional capacity for scientific research in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies by increasing scientific visibility and sustainability, promoting open science practicesOPEN FUTURE20222022
26Promoting an innovative learning environment adapted to the needs of students, by increasing responsibility for one's own learning and digitalization, under the conditions of deontology and academic ethics20222022
27Supporting, sustaining and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among BUES studentsASEInovA20222022
28StudentASE! Equity, Inclusion, Access for BUES studentsStudentASE!20222022
29BUES students prepared for the challenges of the labor marketStudFit4LabourMarket!20222022
30The Impact of Social Media Applications in Retail20222022
31The impact of automation on the evolution of ERP systems in the context of the accounting profession20222022
32Employee performance and its measurement systems: A comparison between the public and private sectors20222022
33Collaborative platform for developing the relationship with the business environment and for identifying employment opportunities for students20222022
34Continuous training project in the field of scientific research - 2022 stage20222022
35Resilience and sustainability of EU finances. Impact on institutional architecture20222022
36The Role of Globalization in a Post-COVID-19 World: Between the Dissolving Trend to Localism and Greater International Coordination20222022
37Romania Systematic Country Diagnosis20222022
38Development strategies of BUES journals20222022
39Comparative study of the adoption of different categories of marketing technologies in the top 100 companies from different countries in the context of the social uncertainties currently influencing the international economic environmentMarTech 202220222022
40Electronic voting secured by blockchain technology - applicability in university elections20222022
41Big Data solutions for the management of electricity consumption in order to improve market strategies and settlement for distribution network operatorsBigData4Grid20202022
42Research on the development of studies and analyses, for the substantiation of decisions and public policies, for the commercialization of agri-food products in order to ensure the security and food safety of the population20192022
43Understanding and modeling the spatio-temporal structures of inequalities and polarization in relation to psychological characteristicsSTIP20182022
44Multi-level aggregation solutions to facilitate an optimal response to energy demand and the flexibility of the electrical networkSMART MLA20182022
45Barometer of the Romanian Business Environment20212021
46Research on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2020 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investments, related to the field of climate change on the evolution of the financial-banking system20212021
47Research on the identification of solutions for balancing the trade balance of agri-food products (import/export)20212021
48Health crisis versus financial crisis. The impact on the efficiency of the mix of economic policies20212021
49Digital Development Global Practice20212021
50Educating and raising awareness of citizens and institutions in the field of waste management, by explaining the specific legislative framework, as part of the "Recycling Marathon" campaign20212021
51Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit and developing the entrepreneurial community of BUES studentsAntreprenorASE20212021
52The integrated development of the institutional capacity for scientific research through digitization, promotion of Open Source and modernization of the research infrastructure in the context of global challenges20212021
53Improving the quality of online and on-site didactic processes by developing a security, identification and authentication system in the spirit of respecting academic deontology and ethics20212021
54Optimizing the educational infrastructure of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES) for the development of students' practical skills in the context of digitalization challenges20212021
55ProASE! Inclusion, equal opportunities and equity for BUES studentsProASE!20212021
56Consolidation of a resilient and sustainable internationalization process of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, with impact on the international educational market20212021
57Identifying some measures regarding the optimal ways to reduce the trade deficit, in the post-pandemic economic context20212021
58Mathematical modeling of factors leading to subscription/unsubscription from email/sms lists, forums, social media groups20212021
59Forecast of the evolution of the economic environment20212021
60Continuous training project in the field of scientific research for BUES researchers20212021
61Managing organizational culture: A comparison between the public and private sectors20212021
62The impact of the regulation of digital services at the level of the European Union20212021
63Comparative study of the adoption of different categories of marketing technologies in top 100 companies in different countriesMarTech20212021
64Making the budget impact and identifying the sourcesLAWNG20212021
65The role of biomass in environmental conservation, rural development and the resilience of agricultural farms - Cost-benefit analysis regarding the cultivation of biomass-specific plant matter20212021
66The security of the economic-social environment in the Euro-Atlantic space: actors, instruments and trends20212021
67The motivation system of civil servants by comparison between Romania and the member countries of the European Union20212021
68The research strategy of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies for the period 2021-203020212021
69Development strategies of BUES journals20212021
70Comparative study at the EU level of the accounting profession. Advantages or limitations of a single profession20212021
71The study of legal liability factors for Artificial Intelligence applications20212021
72Social Costs of Cancer in Romania – A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis20202021
73Sustainable Paths of Just Transition for the Coal Regions in Romania20202021
74A Financial Supervision and Technology Compliance Training ProgramFINTECH20192021
75The development of frontier research in the theories of regional growth and development through the prism of resilience: towards a convergent, balanced and sustainable European UnionReGrowEU20182021
76Innovative hub for advanced cyber security technologiesATLAS20182021
77Empirical modeling and experimental development of tools associated with emerging technologies in the field of online social networksFutureWeb20182021
78Promoting sustainable food and drink choices among young European adults - progress factors, barriers and strategic implicationsSuschoice20182021
79Approaches to public health management in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic20202020
80ASE Team! Inclusion and equity for BUES studentsASE Team!20202020
81Consolidation of the position of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies on the international educational market20202020
82The development of the entrepreneurial culture based on innovation among the students of BUESSmartprenor20202020
83The institutional development of BUES in the field of research excellence by supporting advanced research, innovation and visibility for increasing competitiveness in the European research spaceECON_X20202020
84Elaboration of the development strategy of (*business partner) for the period 2020-202420202020
85Modernization and efficiency of the educational infrastructure of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES) in order to support and develop the practical component of the didactic activities20202020
86Promoting the Quality 4.0 concept in the process of transforming BUES into a digitalized university, in the context of student-centered education, academic ethics and deontology20202020
87Restart the Economy. Measures to combat the economic and social effect of COVID 19 in RomaniaReStart Economia20202020
88Study on the trade balance with agri-food products of Romania in the period 2015-202020202020
89Analysis of good practices regarding "customer care" in Romanian and international retail20192020
90Analysis of the Current Situation of Romanian Research and the Ways of Realizing the Transfer of New Technologies in the Productive Sector, in the Effort to Develop the Knowledge-Based Economy20192020
91Multilingual Communication in BUES - Studies in Applied Linguistics, Terminology, Translation and Interpreting. The Professionalization of Scientific Communication in Some European Union Languages Used in the University20192020
92Increasing the competitiveness of the national economy through retention and return strategies of young graduates of tertiary education in Romania20192020
93Diversification and modernization of existing business support structures in the Romanian economy20192020
94The effects of the legislative proposal for the modification of some normative acts in the field of regulation of tobacco products20192020
95Evaluation of the economic and social impact of the retail sector in Romania20192020
96Assessing the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Performance of Employees in the Public and Private Sectors20192020
97Corporate Governance and Good Managerial and Administrative Practices Appropriate to New Economic and Social Challenges20192020
98Foreign direct investments in Romania20192020
99The history of Romania through the prism of population and housing censuses - from the beginning to the present day20192020
100Effective methods and practices for developing financial education in countries with low financial literacy20192020
101The need and possibilities for the creation and development of procurement, processing, packaging and delivery centers for agri-food products20192020
102Financial Literacy Level, Risk Aversion and Capital Market Participation in Romania: Drawing the Cognitive Map of the Individual InvestorEDUFIN20192020
103Forecast on the Evolution of the Economic Environment20192020
104Stimulating domestic entrepreneurship in the perspective of an increasingly digitalization of the European economy post-2020, in the context of the Industry 4.0 industrial revolution20192020
105Analysis of the workforce available for the logistics project... (*partner)20192019
106Increasing the institutional capacity to support excellence research in BUES by creating an advanced research pole connected to priority research directions within the EUBUESPLUS20192019
107Increasing the impact of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies on the international educational market20192019
108The development of entrepreneurial culture among BUES students through the implementation of a strategic program at the level of the Student Entrepreneurial SocietyDoBIZ20192019
109Social equity and equal opportunities for BUES students20192019
110Improving the quality and efficiency of the didactic activity within BUES, by promoting a culture of quality, bBUESd on the principles of organizational excellence20192019
111The role of the oil and gas industry in the relaunch of the Romanian economy20192019
112The tourism development and promotion strategy of Dâmbovița County20192019
113Study on the analysis of the impact of banknotes on the Romanian economy20192019
114Study on the impact of the national program to replace used electrical and electronic equipment with more energy efficient ones20192019
115Agenda for competences Romania 2020, 202520182019
116Increasing research capacity in the economic field through the development of transdisciplinary research infrastructuresCERTRAN20182019
117Evaluation of the guarantee system, component of the waste management system in Romania20182019
118Foundation and Development of the BUES Strategy for the period 2020-203020182019
119Possible policy approaches at the EU and national level in the perspective of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU Council)20182019
120Consultancy services for berry nectar factory … (*partner)20182019
121Increasing social equity for the students of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies20182018
122The development of entrepreneurial culture among BUES students through the implementation of a strategic program at the level of the Student Entrepreneurial SocietyPROBiz20182018
123Evaluating the impact of e-commerce on the consumer, economy and society20182018
124Improving the quality of teaching activities by harmonizing the curriculum with international good practices, in the context of academic deontology and ethics20182018
125Organization of a workshop (5 course modules) – Organizational strategic management (type of mini MBAs)20182018
126Support for the internationalization of the campus of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies20182018
127Supporting excellence research within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in the context of the principles of sustainable development and open researchORFEUS20182018