• Name of Center Director: Prof. univ. dr. Erika Marin

  • Acronym: CSA

  • Faculty: Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics
  • Adress: Calea Dorobanţilor, nr. 15-17, sector 1, Bucureşti, Romania

  • Phone Number: 021 3191 900/383

The main objective of the center is the fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of statistics and econometrics, aiming to develop interdisciplinary research in the economic and social field based on the use of statistical-econometric methods and models.

The center carries out the following activities: basic studies and research, applied research, services, continuous training, training and improvement, consulting, information – documentation – dissemination in the field of statistics and econometrics and related fields, according to the scientific competence and the science development trend. The research activity may be funded by a third party.

Since 2004, the Surveys and Investigations Research Center has conducted over 40 studies and researches for external beneficiaries, carried out 28 research contracts won through national competition and 9 research contracts in partnership with the business environment.

Recent Projects

No. Project Name Objective (or research area) National (N)/International(I) Period Project director Project website
1 Viable eco-economic tools for quantifying ecosystem services in Romania N 2014-2017 Prof. univ. dr. Elvira Nica
2 Arabesque Business School – program for the evaluation and development of managerial ability Management N/ Business Environment 2016-2020 Conf. univ. Vasile Alecsandru Strat
3 Workshop – mini MBA-Timisoara N 2018 Conf. univ. Vasile Alecsandru Strat
4 Understanding and modeling the spatio-temporal structures of inequalities and polarization in relation to the psychological characteristics Social Sciences and Humanities N/ PN-III-P4-ID-PCCF-2016-0084 2018-2022 Prof. univ. dr. Marcel Ausloos http://ropsy.granturi.ubbcluj.ro/research-team/
5 Agenda for competences Romania 2020-2025 N 2018-2019 Prof. univ. dr. Claudiu Herteliu
6 Intelligent system for predicting, analyzing and monitoring the performance indicators of technological and business processes in the field of renewable energies N 2014-2017 Prof. univ. dr. Adela Bara