The Research Center for Intelectual Capital and Entrepreneurship is accredited as an institution and it develops its activity in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies since 2007.

The Center’s mission is to generate knowledge through promoting fundamental and applicative scientific research, through technological development and innovation in the fields of entrepreneurship and intellectual capital, and in the knowledge dissemination through scientific publications and events.

The Research Center for Intelectual Capital and Entrepreneurship has as research priorities the following domains: corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, academic entrepreneurship, organizational intellectual capital, strategic management, knowledge management, organizational learning, organizational intelligence. The Center promotes interdisciplinary research by taking into consideration their complexity and dynamics. Even though this center belongs to the Faculty of Business Administration, from administrative point of view, it is open to all professors and researchers from the university, who are interested in contributing to the research domains enumerated above.

Recent Projects

No. Project Name Objective (or research area) National (N)/International(I) Period Project director Project website
1 Research on dual study at university level in Romania N/ Business environment 2017 Conf. univ. dr. Simona Goia
2 Transmiterea șocurilor în economiile rețea: mecanisme și implicații pentru politicile economice (NETS) Transmiterea șocurilor în economiile rețea N / PCE 2021-2023 Conf. univ. dr. Petre CARAIANI