The Research Center in Project Management and Technological Innovation – PM-FORUM – aims to provide a forum platform for communication and collaboration between members of the scientific community, as well as to promote and publicize the results of relevant scientific research.

The objectives of the center are: promoting project management in the economic field and technological innovation, supporting the process of defining new techniques and modern project management methods, as well as ensuring an international orientation of this activity in Romania, by supporting the cooperation with European organizations (International Project Management Association – IPMA) and with other international bodies (Project Management Institute – PMI). In this way, the aim is to facilitate contacts and collaboration with the international environment, as well as to impose international standards in the field of project management in Romania.

Recent Projects

No. Project Name Objective (or research area) National (N)/International(I) Period Project director Project website
1 Feasibility Study on Implementing a Pan- European Social Platform to Support Lifelong Learning and Employability I/ Danube Region strategy Start 2015-2016 Prof. univ. dr. Constanta Nicoleta Bodea
2 Increasing the research capacity in the economic field by developing trans-disciplinary research infrastructures – CERTRAN Modernization of the research infrastructure of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest N/ PNCDI III/ Institutional performance 2018-2019 Prof. univ. dr. Razvan Bologa