• Name of Center Director: Prof. univ. dr. Sofia Elena Colesca

  • Acronym: CCASP

  • Faculty: Administration and Public Management

  • Website: ccasp.ase.ro

The Administration and Public Services Research Center is aimed at interdisciplinary research, training of students, teachers and specialists in the field of public administration, as well as improving communication between universities, users and service providers within the research area.

The mission of the center is to contribute to the strengthening of the public administration capacities, covering various sectors, such as: public administration, urban management, public service management, e-government, public management etc.

The main objectives of the center are:

  • developing a conceptual and practical knowledge base in the field of public administration and public services;
  • promoting international cooperation and the participation in European integration programs in the field of public administration and scientific research;
  • supporting specific activities to promote fundamental and applied research in the public administration field at international standards, through domestic and international conferences, scientific seminars and workshops, didactic and scientific publications, affiliations to professional associations etc.