The Center for Advanced Research in Finance and Banking (CARFIB) was established in 2009, as the research branch of the Doctoral School of Finance and Banking (DOFIN), Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchanges, of the Academy of Economic Studies.

CARFIB is involved in national and international research projects in areas such as macro-econometric modeling, asset pricing, monetary and fiscal policy, regional policy, economic growth models, enhancing competitiveness etc. These projects were financed by the European Union, World Bank, British Academy, as well as several departments of the Romanian Government.

The center is mainly involved in fundamental and advanced research, but can also provide consulting activities, expertise and other scientific services. Its main objectives are (1) facilitating the collaboration between national and international financial-banking field researchers, (2) creating and supporting an efficient skills development system for researchers in the financial-banking field; (3) improving the level of professional training of researchers; (4) promoting cooperation between research organizations at local, regional or national level.